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Discover one of the world's largest swim training centers under a single roof at the remarkable Spire Institute & Academy in Geneva, OH.

This incredible facility trains and teaches young aspiring athletes to be some of the best in the world.  Functioning as a fully accredited high school and a top-notch training facility, SPIRE is unlike anything else.

The Myrtha pool, designed in collaboration with USA Swimming, can transform into a 50-meter, 10-lane Olympic pool with 2 adjustable bulkheads.  

This facility features a stunning Colorado Time Systems LED Video Scoreboard.



"The overall size and tight pitch of this LED video display not only allows the users to broadcast aquatics timing and scoring data in amazing clarity and detail, but also allows plenty of space and resolution to combine the event data with full motion video in multiple zones.  This system offers endless possibilities for adjusting the display layout and selecting video sources without the hassle of complex programming or prior planning. "
Tac Doran, Colorado Time Systems Project Manager and Video Display Consultant

At Colorado Time Systems, we are pleased to provide cutting-edge scoring, and display products for all venues. CTS can provide scoring, timing, and display solutions for almost every sport!

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