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Gen7 Diving v1.2.2 - 22 August 2023
This version of Gen7 Diving includes a mandatory firmware update for all Judges' Terminals (JT-01) and Interface Hubs (IH-01)
Latest USB Drivers
Drivers for all CTS products including Gen7 Timers, Gen7 Diving, WA-2/WA-3, WTTC. and USB-Connect.


Dolphin v5.0.19 (Meet Maestro and HyTek Support)

In Spring 2023, CTS released updated Dolphin hardware to accommodate a new radio module. Devices using this new hardware and radio are backwards compatible with older Dolphin systems if those older systems are completely up to date. Older Base units and Watches must be at v1.5.1; Older Starters at v1.3.1; Older Scoreboard Adapters at v2.24.

All new Dolphin Hardware (Bases, Watches and Starter) will be at v2.00 or higher. New Scoreboard Adapters will be at v3.00 or higher. (v2.xx and v3.xx firmware cannot be loaded on older devices).

Please install Dolphin Software v5.0.19 to get the latest firmware updates for your Dolphin devices.

Firmware update instructions can be found in the Dolphin Extended Instructions (F912)


MultiSport Display Firmware v1.7.6
Release Notes:
Use as directed by CTS Support Personnel
v1.7.6: Adds support for Lanes 11 and 12 to Swimming Otter Boards
Fixes occasional stutter in running time display
v1.7.5: Fixes issues with incorrect decimal point display on Swimming Otter boards
v1.7.4: Fixes issues with Automated Race Timer
Fixes spurious lockup when setting intensity
Fixes issues with incomplete display on Diving Otter boards

v1.7.2: Fixes issue with inconsistent legacy (RS-232) data display
Fixes issue with Time of Day display when later than 8:00pm
Fixes issue with horn not sounding when running with RS-485 data
v1.7.1: Adds support for new digit control circuitry (5643/5644)
Improvements to data input selection algorithm
Improves Legacy (RS-232) parsing
More informative startup sequence
Fixes issue with Time-of-Day (Leader/Follower) synchronization
v1.6.1: Improves stability with radio startup
v1.6.0: Adds support for additional radio hardware
v1.5.5: Eliminates flicker when using ambient light sensor
v1.5.2: Adds Leader/Follower settings for manual control of time of day synchronization process
CTS Polo Mapper v1.0.4
Release Notes:
FIXED: Prevents crash when WA-2/WA-3 was not found
NEW: Configure WA-2/WA-3 (when acting as wireless receiver) to translate WTTC WaterPolo data to fit
in to System5/6 LED-R Mappings. (Requires WA-2/WA-3 firmware v2.0.8 or greater)
WA-2/WA-3 Firmware v2.1.3
Release Notes (v2.1.3):
IMPROVED: Radio power-on sequence made more robust.
WTTC Firmware v1.5.7 - 25 October, 2022

Update to the latest WTTC firmware. Requires USB.

Release Notes (v1.5.7) October 25, 2022
FIXED: Issue with shot clock not restarting if alternate reset performed with two
RSR-1/RSR-3's attached.
NEW: Displays installed radio version and variant at bootup.

System 6

Installation Methods

Direct Connection to the Internet

This method requires Sport Loader version 1.104 or higher. With this method, you connect your System 6 directly to a network connection to the Internet via its Ethernet port. The System 6 will update to the latest versions of the software that you have purchased.

USB Drive Method

WARNING: The System 6 update files must be the only files on the USB drive, and they must be installed sequentially, as described below. If the USB drive contains anything other than System 6 update files, these other files may be lost and you may damage your System 6.

  1. Make sure you have SportLoader v1.120 or greater. If not, install it by itself first. It must be the only file or item on the USB drive.
  2. Check to see if you have the compatibility libraries installed by looking for the label “(w/ lib updates”) in the “Linux Version” section of the SportLoader Diagnostics screen. If you do not have them installed, install them next, by themselves. The library files must be the only files or items on the USB drive. Click here to download the compatibility libraries.
  3. Download the appropriate updates from the page and place them in the top level (not in a subfolder) of a USB drive. The updates must be the only files or items on the USB drive. Install the updates.

Software Release Notes

Swimming 1.234 – 21 June 2021

This update requires Firmware v1.32 or greater.

Diving.1.226 – 28 October 2019

This update includes the 2019 NFHS DD Table (you must select this table via Settings).

WaterPolo.1.129 – 24 February 2020

This update requires Firmware v1.36 or greater.

PaceClock.1.208 – 12 October 2010

This update requires Firmware v1.34 or greater.


FinishLynx Scoreboard Script

SingleLine/MultiLine Numeric Scoreboard

(If script opens directly in browser, go back to this back and right-click on the link before selecting “Save Target As”)

Updated 3/27/2014 to show Event and Heat numbers of module 0C

Latest USB Drivers
Drivers for all CTS products including Gen7 Timers, Gen7 Diving, WA-2/WA-3, WTTC. and USB-Connect.

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