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Save time and improve accuracy with our broad offering of timing systems for aquatic sports.

touchpads for swim timing

Lightweight, dependable, and internally sealed, our touchpads detect even the lightest touch for an accurate finish with no "dead spots."

championship start system for swimming competition
Start Systems

Distinctive start tones and strobes to get your swimmers off the blocks.

cable harness for on-deck swim timing system components
In/On Deck Cabling

Customized in- and on-deck cabling options to maximize your facility's operations.

water polo scoreboard and shot clocks
Water Polo

Permanent, portable, or wireless options that include shot clocks, horns, scoreboards, and more. We are proud to be the Official Scoring and Timing System of USA Water Polo.

diving judging terminals

Our full line of diving equipment is easy to use and compliant with all governing bodies' rules including: NFHS, NCAA, USA Diving, and FINA. We are proud to be the Official Scoring Partner of USA Diving.


Cables, antennas, chargers, plugs, and more.

swim training tools

Fine-tune skills and create customized workouts. We offer both standalone systems, and options that synch with multiple CTS pace clocks.

Aquatic Scoreboards

The most accurate name in aquatic timing also offers customized LED video display scoreboards, numeric scoreboards that can be standalone or combined to fit your facility and budget.

multisport scoreboard in a football field
Multisport Scoreboards

Indoor or outdoor scoreboards for a variety of sports! All are enclosed in a rugged powder-coated 5052-alloy aluminum chassis and feature conformal coated digits and circuit boards to withstand the test of time.

led video display and swimming scoreboard at university of Michigan
LED Video Displays

Set your facility apart with dynamic led video display scoreboards that show full color timing and scoring data, text, graphics, animations, live video, and video replay.


An ideal fit for competition or recreational use.

Water Polo

A wide variety of options for your water polo matches including: permanent installations, wireless options, portable scoreboard options, and several different shot clocks.


Diving scoreboards designed to withstand harsh pool environments that match the needs of new and existing facilities.


Outdoor LED football scoreboards provide wireless play-by-play scoring capabilities. Display home/guest scores, time, and quarter.


See inning-by-inning scoring capabilities. From small to large, see team scores and inning, and inning-by-inning breakdowns of scores, hits, and errors.


Basketball scoreboards display play-by-play details including detailed foul and time out information.

Field Hockey

Display home/guest scores, time, and period.


See detailed penalty information, including time remaining to be served.


Weatherproof digits and electronics are housed in a powder-coated 5052-alloy aluminum chassis, which provides excellent corrosion resistance.


These scoreboards are ideal for facilities that host many different types of sporting events.


Keep track of the score from anywhere on the field.


Display track results data as it happens including: lane, place, time.


Your scoring data will be seen throughout any venue day or night.


Keep track of possession, takedowns, pins and when in between matches, your scoreboard will revert to show the time of day.

We understand that 1/100th of a second matters.

Sorting through all of your timing and scoring options can feel overwhelming.  For over 50 years, CTS has designed and delivered platinum-quality equipment to provide precise results with minimal hassle, so you worry less about product maintenance and enjoy delivering exceptional experiences to athletes and spectators alike.


Thousands of aquatic and sporting facilities trust our accuracy, precision, and reputation.


High Performance Design

Our products are designed to withstand harsh environments, perform with accuracy and maximize the longevity of your investment.


Quality and Precision

Our timing and scoring systems eliminate complexity of use so staff and volunteers learn how to use them quickly and efficiently.


Unrivaled Service

We are there for your facility through every stage of the product life cycle, and our team will assist you every step of the way.

Don't take our word for it. Hear what our customers say.

We value our partnership with Colorado Time Systems. The addition of the Championship Elite Start System with the external multicolor strobes and visual start signaling system is a huge leap forward in making competitive swimming more accessible for many athletes, including those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Elizabeth Escobar

Director , United States Deaf Swimming

Partnering with Colorado Timing Systems is knowing that all timing, scoreboard, and judging technical operations are accounted for. With expert technicians and profound support, Colorado Timing allows USA Diving to focus on providing the best possible experience to each participant, fan, and spectator.

Olivia Rosendahl

USA Diving

I wanted to write in to thank your support team. For the past several weeks I’ve been working on getting 2 different sets of pace clock/shot clocks working in different ways. Every time I’ve called in, I’ve reached someone who has been very helpful and generous with their time and knowledge. It is much appreciated and deserving of recognition.

Aaron Jon Toch

Vallejo Aquatic Club

[The installations team's] professionalism, expertise, and commitment to delivering an exceptional product and service were evident. They explained the intricacies of the equipment to myself, ensuring that we could fully utilize all the features and functionalities and ensuring that I was proficient in operating and maintaining the equipment. We are thrilled with the swim timing systems, and they have already made a positive impact on our swim programs at ACS International School Doha.

Callan Bowden

Learn to Swim Coordinator, ACS International School Doha

 My hat is off to you and your company - not one company that we have dealt with in the States has been as organized, clear in the descriptions and fees involved, nor as fast...the shipment arrived this morning!!  Great work guys, you should have customers standing at your doors. 

United States Army

United States Army

Swim Melbourne Masters swimmers absolutely love using our new Colorado Timing training pace clock.  The visibility of this pace clock is excellent, the LED lights are large and bright. Even when swimming outdoors in the super bright Florida noon sunshine our swimmers can easily read the pace clock from the far side of the pool.  As a swim coach, I am very pleased with the precision timing of this digital pace clock. The bright and crisp display allows me to quickly view my swimmers times from almost any angle on the pool deck and allows my swimmers to stay on interval.  With the 15 different training modes available on this pace clock and additional accessories available, its capabilities will grow with the demands of our swim club. We are just scratching the surface of what is possible with this training pace clock. 

B.J. Graham

USMS Coach, Swim Melbourne

 My experience with Colorado Time Systems has been flawless. I have had the system for 8 years now and have experienced the following: 1. Zero issues with the score board that has never been turned off since installing. 2. I have yet to have a pad failure or I have yet to have had to replace a pad. 3. All deck plates, plungers, speakers etc. have never malfunctioned nor needed replacing. I am very thankful for the quality of the equipment and the durability. 

Jeff Dugdale

Director of Swimming Operations, Queens University

First time working with Colorado Time Systems for the University of North Carolina at Asheville's new scoreboard. Turned out great and integrated perfectly with their existing touch pads, as expected. Hat tip to their engineers. The modular system is really clever and ideal for varying sizes, lanes and events of swimming facilities.

Pat O'Brien

VP of Sales and Operations, Off Plane Athletic Solutions

 First off, I want to thank your entire company.  The level of customer service, support, and quality of products has been amazing.  It is very comforting knowing that I can always call on your team.  Huge shout out to everyone in the company. 

Jack Jephson

Assistant Director of Aquatics Facilities and Operations, Princeton University

We ran the first meet at a new facility that has the Gen 7 Serial timing system. Overall, the system ran quite well and was relatively easy to learn. We did have some interface problems between Gen7 and Meet Manager 7, but most were relatively easy to work out or overcome. We are looking forward to using this system in future meets.

Tom Schumann

Volunteer, Morristown Landing

 New scoreboard is up and it is fantastic!!  The picture on this new board is amazingly clear and we are so thankful to all who was involved in making this possible!  Thank you for all your help in seeing that we got a quality board at a great price.  The CTS installer did a great job and was a blessing to work with.  We are very lucky to have this new board and we look forward to showing it off in the future. 

Doug Pinkerton

Director of HPER Facilities, Operations, and Programming , Delta State University

 Myrtha Pools is thrilled to be partnered with Colorado Timing Systems (CTS) on the Invictus Games build and meet operation.  Our longstanding relationship with CTS has always lead to spectacular finished products and events.  CTS’s willingness to support such an outstanding organization is appreciated by all involved.  Thanks again to the CTS Team and we look forward to an amazing Games! 

John E. Ireland, PE, LEED AP

Director of Technical Services, Myrtha Pools [Invictus Games]

The entire team at CTS is fantastic.  The CTS Tech Support is responsive, patient and explains everything in understandable layman terms that calms the nerves of those of us who have the pressure of running the scoreboard and timing systems.  Colorado is a far superior system to other competing systems and provides a better fan and team experience.

James Losinski

Coach, Simley High School

Gen7 is awesome for running multiple courses.  Set up is a breeze, and it gives us a ton of flexibility on how we want to set our deck and facility layout.  The graphic interface on a laptop is a game changer when it comes to managing multiple pools, multiple layouts, and course configurations... all at the click of a button!

Kevin Milak

Director of Business Development and Training, Florida Aquatics Swimming & Training (FAST)

 As one of the early adopters, the University Aquatic Center has been using the Dolphin System during major events and championships since 2008. The Dolphin System saves time for the meet manager as well as the administrative official, whom no longer needs to collect watch times out on the pool deck. The backup times are right there on your screen. The Dolphin System provides a much quicker and more efficient way to run your swim meet. 

Luke Day

Aquatic Program Coordinator, University of Minnesota

 The Colorado Time Systems scoreboard is an invaluable part of our college dual meets and club meets for both swimming and diving.  We also use the scoreboard during practice and water polo tournaments.  We have connected it to a satellite dish to use it as a big television for our college basketball games as students wait to get tickets. 

University of North Carolina

University of North Carolina

Gen7 is awesome for running multiple courses.  Set up is a breeze, and it gives us a ton of flexibility on how we want to set our deck and facility layout.  The graphic interface on a laptop is a game changer when it comes to managing multiple pools, multiple layouts, and course configurations... all at the click of a button!

Kevin Milak

Director of Business Development and Training, Florida Aquatics Swimming & Training (FAST)

 I can't thank you enough for allowing us to use the shot clocks.  The tournament was a huge success - lots of happy kids.  We really appreciate the generosity and support of wheelchair basketball in Colorado. 

Gold Crown Field House

Gold Crown Field House

 The Colorado timing and display system has tremendously helped our school to offer the most state-of-the-art pool facility.  CTS has been more than accommodating with all of our requests and it is evident that they strive for excellence with all of their products.  I would highly recommend CTS to any other Athletic Director across the country without hesitation. Eric Gunderson - Boys Swim Coach Colorado Time Systems is always trying to create a better experience for the coaches, swimmers, and fans.  The big difference between CTS and other manufacturers is that CTS is a swimming company that makes scoreboards too, versus a scoreboard company that happens to make timing equipment.  CTS is focused on the coaches, the swimmers, and improving both the meets and the training.  All around, they are out to improve the sport of swimming. 

Grosse Pointe South High School

Grosse Pointe South High School

 With the new Gen7 system, once you get through the learning curve, it is so much more user friendly than previous versions. 

James Risley

Assistant Swim Coach , Addison Central School

I want to be the first to say Thank You for such an amazing system.... We look forward to many swimming events in the future.

Jason Schmidt

ISG Athletic Director, The ISG Dammam International School

 Our team recently successfully competed at the US Masters Summer National Championship at the University of Maryland. USMS offered us one of your pace clocks, and we were happy to accept! We really appreciate the pace clock that Colorado Time Systems has provided us. Our team has been utilizing it in practices and it also serves as a great marketing tool to recruit new swimmers (the display is awesome and can be seen from afar!). 

Art Vera

Head Coach, Tsunami U.S. Masters Swim Club

 We chose the Colorado Time Systems video system because of the additional features it has to offer.  The fans and spectators are going to enjoy its capabilities.  I'm most excited about the display's latest technology and functions for our sport [swimming].  It will provide a better atmosphere for the meets.  We will be able to show videos prior and the times are easier to read. 

Brad Bowser

Head Swimming and Diving Coach, Rowan University

 I wanted to let you guys know that our diving scoreboard worked flawlessly at the zones diving championship.  Also, your Field Technician was awesome in both the work and the results.  We literally couldn't have asked for anything else. 

Brad Swendig

Executive Director, COM Aquatics

 Colorado Time Systems is always trying to create a better experience for the coaches, swimmers, and fans.  The big difference between CTS and other manufacturers is that CTS is a swimming company that makes scoreboards too, versus a scoreboard company that happens to make timing equipment.  CTS is focused on the coaches, the swimmers, and improving both the meets and the training.  All around, they are out to improve the sport of swimming. 

Brandon Sloane

Assistant Principal and Athletic Director, Grosse Pointe South High School

 We have had one of your systems for over 12 years now and it is still doing a really good job. Thank you for your excellent products. 

Bulgarian Swimming Federation

Bulgarian Swimming Federation

 On behalf of the Mountain West Conference Office and the ten universities that competed in the 2015 Mountain West Swimming and Diving Championships, we want to thank you and your staff for helping make the Championship so great. The effort by Colorado Time Systems to get the fins fitted to the blocks in such a small window of time was truly amazing. We all are so grateful that you took on the challenge and exceeded expectations. 

Carrie Coll

Associate Commissioner, Championships, Mountain West Conference

 This scoreboard is a nice thing for us!  We have never had the capacity before - now we will be able to do chase starts, run both ends of the pool; and have (2) 8-lane courses on the board at the same time.  We'll be able to display heat, lane, time, and place, then come back and import for finals, and put names on the board. 

Clovis Unified School District

Clovis Unified School District

Our sincere thanks and appreciation to Colorado Time Systems... It is most generous of them to provide such fantastic equipment to small teams like ours. 

David M. Douglass, Esq

Cleveland Aquatic Team

I have been associated with the maintenance and operation of a number of sports clubs in Kuwait since 2006.  In Kuwait, almost all of the swimming pools are using Colorado Time Systems' equipment.  I find it very user friendly and easy to maintain.

Devesh Pant

Smart Engineering Co.

It's great that Michigan finally got a new display, it has been a long time coming.   Since the pool is hosting both the Women's and Men's Big Ten Championships this year (2023), swimmers, coaches and fans will get a lot more information.  Swimming events will be able to show race information, real time event standings, and live video, all at the same time!  For diving as well, current diver information and scores, real time event standings and live video.  I'm also excited to see water polo in action on the display as well, with game information, live exclusion board information and live video as well.

Jay Riegle

Owner of Riegle Timing and a CTS Certified Installer/Distributor/Service Technician, Riegle Timing

We hosted the USA Swimming Training Camp prior to Tokyo in 2021.  We put a different message up on our video display each day, and we always had the time in Tokyo up.  They really enjoyed it, and it wouldn't have been possible without your great equipment.  Thanks again for always taking care of us.

Jeff Meister

Director of Athletics, Punahou School

 I wanted to extend my appreciation to CTS.  CTS staff has been very courteous and efficient.  Please pass this big THANK YOU to all at CTS. 

Jim Decker

Mentor Marlins Swim Team

 We installed our old Colorado Time Systems’ video display back in 2002.  Although the display still ran, it was time for us to upgrade to newer technology.  We have worked with CTS for years and their staff has always been extremely responsive and helped us through any issues that we have had.  It was the obvious choice to stay with them to complete this upgrade.  The new video board is  big, bright, it pops, and there are so many incredible things that we can do now.  As an example, we now have the ability to display complete information for two pool racing, as well as diving and swimming simultaneously. 

John Mihevic

Aquatic Director, Miami University

 Upgrading to the Gen 7 diving system was flawless. Our sales rep was very knowledgeable and helpful in building a split 7 judging system to accommodate our existing CTS scoreboard and poolside connections. The Gen 7 judging terminals technology and features are outstanding. The diving software is user-friendly, easy to learn, and designed to run a meet efficiently. Thank you Colorado Time Systems for your continued outstanding customer service and support. We look forward, with excitement, to upgrading our System 6 timer to Gen 7 swim timing. 

John Patricelli

Coon Rapids Swim and Dive

 I just wanted to tell you how excited I was in receiving our new Gen7 Swimming Timer.  I ran test meets yesterday and today and I love it!  Having a Windows user interface is a great improvement from the System 6.  The connections from the user interface computer and meet manager computer are easy and work flawlessly. The pre-meet diagnostics save on the stress of not knowing if your pads and backup buttons will work.  It is an all around great product. I also wanted to compliment your technical support team.  I called in with a few questions and they were very helpful and shared my excitement over this new timer.  That really sends the message to customers (like me) that your team cares about us and that we get answers for the questions we have. 

John Patricelli

Coon Rapids High School

 We use the pace clock daily. Because it operates on batteries, we have a great deal of flexibility in how we use it at the pool. As Masters swimmers, we appreciate the large illuminated digits, which are easily visible to our old eyes, even 50m away! 

Judi Norton

Head Coach, Ohio Masters Swim Club

 We are excited to once again partner with Colorado Time Systems on the installation of a video display in our swimming & diving facility.  The display will nicely complement our existing Colorado Time Systems components. 

Kevin Sponzo

Senior Associate Athletics Director for Facilities at Seton Hall, Seton Hall University

 Thank you so much for awarding the Colorado Time Systems' pace clock to Greenville Splash Masters.  We were thrilled beyond belief to receive it!  We are building a new Masters program at the Salvation Army Kroc Center in Greenville, SC.  This facility did not have an electronic clock and the small pace clock was really difficult to see (especially for the older swimmers).  We are really enjoying the benefits of having a large digital display as we work out and do sets together as a team.  All of our members are very appreciative of this gift along with the facility.  We are happy to be adding new members each week, and I am sure that the pace clock helps to make our program more professional. 

Leslie Scott

Director / Head Coach, Greenville Splash Masters

 I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge your Customer Service team.  My son's club participated in a USA club meet hosted at Los Alamitos High School last weekend.  I am one of the high school's swim coaches and was able to provide the space and timing system for the meet. Though we (high school coaches) did receive training on how to run the Gen7 Timer, that was pre-COVID, and none of us are very good with technology. I reached out to your customer support team and ended up hearing back from three team members and they were phenomenal in their explanations, problem solving, and patience. Without them, the meet would have been stopwatches and lane slips followed by a lot of data entry on our end.  Thank you for the high level of support.  To say it was greatly appreciated is an understatement. 

Leslie Weber

Swim Coach, Los Alamitos High School

 I cannot tell you all enough at CTS about how appreciative I am that you have been so good to me over the years.  Thank you all from us here.  This once again proves that the CTS system and the company behind it is better than any other on the market. 

Mike Duswalt

Manager, Fort Bend ISD

 We're the envy of all Southern California.  It was great to work with Colorado Time Systems.  The install was timely, and they trained us on the software, and everything went smoothly.  They did a lot of good things for us! 

Mira Costa High School

Mira Costa High School

 I just wanted to send a quick thank you note for your help with our new scoreboard. We are very excited to be running Colorado Timing Equipment and using the best products on the market. Also, more importantly, our experience, from start to finish has been amazing and professional. Everyone has been extremely helpful and made sure that the whole process goes the best possible direction. It is refreshing to work with professionals that not only care about their product, but also take care of the customers and keep the experience positive. You have taken care of extremely well and we appreciate all of your time and efforts! 

Park City Swimming

Park City Swimming

 The board is the next step in enhancing the experience for the athletes, parents, and students.  It brings us to the next level of competition. 

Pat Kirk

Aquatics Director, Campbell County School District

 Upgrading our equipment was one of the best decisions we could have made.  The new video board guaranteed compatibility with all of our existing timing and scoring equipment.  The video display has well exceeded our expectations, and the staff at Colorado Time Systems have been wonderful to work with.

Princeton University

Princeton University

 With being a state-of-the-art facility and the only award winning aquatic facility in our county, the El Centro Aquatic Center has become the most desirable location for our local swim teams to practice and host meets.  The installation of the titanium deckplates are truly worth it, as it makes set up for meet days a breeze.  The reliability, ease of use, and maintenance of the deckplates are enough in and of itself to have these installed at any facility.  Colorado Time Systems are truly the best in the industry, with streamlines user-friendly equipment, and they have the best customer service agents who are extremely helpful with any questions or problems that may arise. 

Rebecca Corfman

Aquatics Supervisor, El Centro Aquatic Center

 We are hosting the Mississippi Long Course Swimming Championships in July and the Mississippi High School Championships in the fall [2015]. The new video board your company installed last year has been a big asset to our swim meet experience. 

Ronnie Mayers

Director of Intercollegiate Athletics / Director of Aquatics, Delta State University

 After hosting our first home game with our new game (water polo) equipment, I must say that we are happy that we purchased the multisport wireless console. Everything worked great and we can't wait to host 2 big tournaments this fall. 

Sergio Macias

Cerritos College

 We liked the flexibility of the scoreboard, with its ability to display multiple sports.  It  complements the facility -- the new scoreboard provides recognition for the swimmers by displaying their entire names.  The board has all of the features imaginable.  CTS stands by their products and they stand by their customer. 

South Lyon East High School

South Lyon East High School

 I wanted to let you know that it has been a wonderful experience working with the new version of the System 6 Timing Console.  After receiving the updated system and using it at a meet, I was extremely impressed with the current version.  It truly has taken timing technology to a new level. 

Sports Timing & Software

Sports Timing & Software

I wanted to send a note to tell you how much I appreciate the customer service from all of you.  There is never a doubt in my mind if I ask for help, you all will come to my aid!!   I am truly grateful for the customer service and the friendliest tech support Whenever anyone asks about who to use for swim meet timing systems...hands down it is CTS!

Suzanne Dangelmaier

Coach, Lamar Swimming

I'm delighted to announce to the NSU community that installation of the new scoreboard at the Competition Pool is complete.  All systems are working very well, even with some enhanced features. 

Tec Clark

Associate Director for Aquatics and Scuba Diving, Nova Southeastern University

 I just wanted to express my thanks for the great work that you guys have put into helping us with the Stark Bulkhead Adaptors. When they are properly installed and tightened, they work very well. 

Thom McDonald

Pool Equipment CPO, Frisco ISD Natatorium

 Thank you for all of Colorado teams' support during the installation process. They were extremely helpful, this was a long awaited project that has finally been completed. 

Tony Reid

Director, Program Services, Prince George’s Sports and Learning Complex

 Since its opening, we have hosted the Rhodes College Invitational Swim Meet, as well as several local meets.  We were chosen to host these events because the Colorado Time Systems equipment we have in place is the same as most NCAA Championship meets. 

Tunica County

Tunica County

 It came down to wanting to deal with just one company.  I've been pleased with Colorado Time Systems for years.  They've always gone out of their way to be accommodating.  They're great. 

University of Georgia

University of Georgia

 We wanted state-of-the-art quality entertainment, not as an afterthought.  The students were exact about their demands, and CTS came through with not just state-of-the-art product, but even prototypical product. 

University of Missouri – Columbia

University of Missouri – Columbia

 The Zeeland Public Schools have used CTS products for the past 27 years; and I, as the coach, have supported their use for my 34 years of coaching.  One of the biggest factors in choosing CTS products is that they are used by a majority of teams in our area with good results. 

Zeeland Aquatic Center

Zeeland Aquatic Center

The new visual starting system offered by Colorado Time Systems will reduce the starting errors faced by athletes who are deaf or hard of hearing.  Furthermore, this swimming start system will help all athletes regarding of hearing ability.  This is an innovative start system that provides clear visual signals for the take your marks, start, and stand up signals.  No other swim starting system provides that.

Emily Massengale

Deaflympian, USA Deaf Swimming, Inc.

I just wanted to send you all a huge thank you for everything Colorado Time Systems has done for us here at Princeton University.   With your help and technology, we were able to pull off an incredibly successful NCAA Zone meet, that has received nothing but compliments! 

The customer service, support, and service have been AMAZING!  I cannot even begin to explain how great and supportive everyone has been!  This all would not have been possible without CTS' dedication to taking care of us as a long-standing customer!

 We have never run a smoother diving event!  Again… Just a huge thank you from all of us at Princeton University!

Jack Jephson

Assistant Director of Aquatics Facilities and Operations, Princeton University

Thank you to everyone at Colorado Time Systems!  Our new scoreboard looks fantastic, and our installer did an excellent job.  We here at the Northdale pool appreciate you all very much!

John Patricelli

Northdale Middle School

I had the pleasure of using the new Championship Elite Swim Start System during two meets in the last month, as both a starter and a referee.  The microphone and speaker for the starter were very clear and had easily adjustable volumes.  It was very easy to set up and held up very well with strong winds and rain.  The starting tone was also very clear.  Overall, the system worked very well for both meets in some varied weather conditions.  I look forward to having it on-deck again soon!

Leia Richter

Swimming Official & Starter

We received our Gen7 swim timing system and swimming scoreboard about a year ago.  I have been very pleased with the performance of the timing system and the response I have received from customer support for help when needed.  It has been an easy transition between using the System6 and the new Gen7 system.

Ross Spangler

Head Coach, Dover Area High School

Faulty timing equipment is a sure way to frustrate everyone.

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