Dolphin Swim Timing System at outdoor swim meet

Accurate Meets, Done Faster with Dolphin

Using the Dolphin Wireless Stopwatch Swimming Timing System to time a competitive swimming meet is incredibly simple and efficient. Dolphin provides wireless stopwatch-style and semi-automatic timing for competitive swim meets. All times are seamlessly transmitted wirelessly to the meet management computer, resulting in faster meets and more precise recorded times. Since its introduction in 2006, the Dolphin Wireless Swim Timing System has been used by over 1,600 teams worldwide, timing countless numbers of sanctioned meets. Dolphin is a proven wireless swimming stopwatch swimming timing system.

Three modes of operation:

  • Semi-Automatic Timing (Synchronized Start/Manual Stop):  Connect the starter unit to any CTS electronic swimming start system. All wireless stopwatches will start timing with the swim start system signal. Each stopwatch stops when the lane timer stops it. These swimming times are wirelessly transmitted and saved for immediate access by your competition swim meet management program.
  • Manual Synchronized Start/Manual Stop:  The official with the swim timing starter unit starts all stopwatches in conjunction with the whistle. Each stopwatch stops when the lane timer stops it.
  • Manual Start/Manual Stop:  This mode is used for collecting backup times at major swimming events and is compliant with all swimming ruling bodies’ (World Aquatics, NCAA, USS, NFHS, YMCA) requirements for backup swim timing. Lane timers start and stop the stopwatches independently for a fully manual system.

In all three operation modes, competitive swimming finish times are wirelessly transmitted and recorded. 

Who can use Dolphin?

Everyone. Whether you use Dolphin in swimming competition or practice, Dolphin wireless swim timing systems are an accurate, wireless, and effortless swim timing solution. Dolphin wireless swim timing will save you time and improve your accuracy simply by connecting the base unit to your laptop. On April 13th, 2023, wireless systems such as the Dolphin may be used as semi-automatic swim timing systems to conduct a USA Swimming-sanctioned competition.

What people are saying:

“Speaking as a Meet Referee for 25 years, I absolutely love the Dolphin System. After working high school and USA swim meets where the results are available shortly after the meet ends to check over, summer league was always dreaded due to the long wait for scorers to input the times from the lane timer sheets. Our league (MSSL) requires that the Meet Referee and coaches sign the final score sheets. I have had to wait up to an hour for the results to be finalized. So, speaking from an official’s standpoint, I love the Dolphin system.”

Gail Sailors | Meet Referee/Maverick Summer Swim League

Meet Management

The Dolphin competitive swimming timing system integrates seamlessly with several meet management programs, so will not need to learn a new system. You have the option to use your meet management program and Dolphin wireless swim timing together as the primary swimming timing system, or as a backup timing system with the click of a button.

Looking for helpful Dolphin resources?

Visit our Dolphin webpage, where you can download manuals, quick reference guides, and brochures. We also have several videos related to using our Dolphin Swim Timing System on the Colorado Time Systems YouTube Channel

 Discover the Dolphin Wireless Stopwatch Swimming Timing System here. Streamline swim meets with our system tailored for 6-, 8-, or 10-lane pools, supporting 1 to 3 timers per lane. Allow us to assist you host accurate meets done faster with Dolphin!

Dolphin Wireless Stopwatch Swim Timing

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