What Makes A Pool Fast?

In the realm of competitive swimming, the pursuit of increased speed is a continuous journey that goes beyond the physical strength of the swimmers. Various competitive swimming pool characteristics create additional elements that ultimately define how quickly swimmers move through the water. Among these elements, three factors stand out as the primary determinants that make a competitive swimming pool "fast": water depth, gutter design, and temperature.

  • Water Depth
    The deeper the water depth, the faster the pool. This is because a "quiet pool" is ideal for increased speed in competitive swimming. In shallow pools, waves will reflect off the bottom of the pool, which causes the water to become turbulent. Additionally, water in a deeper pool acts as a quelling force to lessen the impact of the wave, which is essential as most swimming happens at the surface, in the top 18" of the pool.
  • Gutter Design 
    The pool gutter design of a competitive swimming pool helps reduce waves and keeps the water calm. The proper gutter can help eliminate any bounce back of a wave on the outside swimming lanes of a competition swimming pool.
  • Temperature 
    If the water in the pool is too hot, swimmers overheat. The swimmer's muscles will not warm up or perform appropriately if the water is too cold. Both conditions can cause a swimmer's muscles to cramp. The ideal water temperature for a competition pool to mitigate these concerns is between 78- and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. 

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