We are pleased to release our Virtual Meet Software Solution. This solution is designed to provide the ultimate experience in virtual swimming competitions by facilitating dual meets at two separate facilities to share real-time data between the two sites.

“COVID-19 has had a significant impact on our sport, and the ability for athletes to be in the water. We are excited to release this solution for teams who are safely able to be back in their facilities, but may not be traveling for competitions yet,” said Rick Connell, CTS Vice President, and General Manager.

The Virtual Meets system allows scoreboard data such as times, places, athlete names, etc. from two facilities to be shared in real-time via Cloud services operated by CTS. Each facility runs the Virtual Meet Client software which takes local timer data and passes it to both the local video board and the Virtual Meet Server. The Virtual Meet Server then relays that data to the other pool where it is received by the Virtual Meet Client and passed to the local video board. This data can be displayed using fully customizable templates in DisplayLink Plus.

This innovative solution is optimal for teams who are unable to travel or would like to expand their competitions to teams across the country.  Currently, this opportunity is exclusive to customers that have both CTS Timing equipment (SYS5, SYS6, or Gen7) and a CTS video display with DisplayLink plus software.

Learn more about our Virtual Meet Software Solution: https://www.coloradotime.com/virtual-meet-software-solution/

We will be offering an educational webinar detailing the Virtual Meet Software Solution later in the month of April.

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