System 6 – Pace Clock

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System 6 with Pace Clock on screen

The System 6 Pace Clock software allows you to program workouts, which can be displayed on your scoreboard and/or printed out on paper.

The pace clock option can be used to program up to twelve lanes of individual workouts, 100 independent sets per lane, and can calculate the total workout time.  You can personalize each workout by adding each swimmer’s name.  Workouts can be entered in a PC workout manager program for download to the System 6, then uploaded back to the PC for unlimited storage of workout sets.  You also have the ability to monitor the current workout plus the next two sets on the System 6 screen.

The System 6 memory allows you to design your entire training regimen at the beginning of the season and build routines as your swimmers progress.  Each workout can be recalled from memory for use at any time.

The pace clock program makes it easy to control each workout independently.  Then, you can print the workouts for a permanent record by individual lane for all lanes.


  • Pace Clock/Shot Clock
  • LED-R Scoreboard
  • Full Color LED Matrix Displays
  • Single Color LED Matrix Displays
  • Portable Scoreboard
  • Sky-Fi Wireless adapter
Support for System 6 – Pace Clock
Name Download
System 6 Pace Clock Software User Guide F873 Download
Software downloads
PaceClock.1.208 – 12 October 2010

This update requires Firmware v1.34 or greater.

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