System 6 Timing Console

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System 6 Timing Console

The System 6 is used worldwide at Championship meets; including World Aquatics and NCAA Championships.

The System 6 is your central timing console and coordinates incoming and outgoing information from the key components of your complete timing system. System 6 is a standalone unit dedicated solely to timing and scoring, which improves your ability to run an event with confidence.

Swimming and Diving software programs come standard with each system. Water Polo, and Pace Clock software are also available. You can switch between sports by utilizing the keyboard inserts provided with each additional software package.

For over 50 years, Colorado Time Systems has led the aquatics industry with innovative, reliable products for scoring and timing. Colorado Time Systems is synonymous with precision and accuracy in swim timing.


  • Enhanced Split Handing:  Race split times are printed as they occur. Lap and cumulative splits are stored, and can be posted to LED matrix display scoreboards during a race. The System 6 supports unlimited splits, both near- and far-end.
  • Expanded Lane Capability:  The System 6 is the only system on the market that can support up to 12 lanes. The System 6 is engineered for flexibility in lane shifting and lane reversal. This allows you, for example, to shift your race course to the center lanes of your pool yet keep the lane numbering standard.
  • Meet Management:  The System 6 is compatible with Hy-Tek Meet Manager, and many other Meet Management programs.
  • Rechargeable Battery:  The System 6 includes a rechargeable battery for backup in case of an emergency power outage.
  • Subtracted Splits:  The System 6 can post subtracted splits to LED matrix displays or specially configured single line modules. Scoreboard Cycling: If you have fewer lines of numeric scoreboard than lanes in your pool, the System 6 can cycle the lanes automatically.
  • Intensity Control:  The System 6 has a built-in feature to control the intensity of the LED Numeric Scoreboards and LED Pace Clocks. This is beneficial when using a facility for both day and night events, as well as indoor & outdoor events.
  • Intelligent Button Handling:  The System 6 will apply the ruling governing bodies rules to backup buttons on a per lane basis. The appropriate rule will be used to generate the backup time based on the number of buttons that are received for a lane.
  • Relay Judging:  The System 6 has improved relay judging in swimming. The window of time surrounding the touchpad hit is alterable during set up. This lets you constrain the amount of time the System 6 is looking for an RJP impulse, thus avoiding external influences such as athletes hitting the blocks or stretching on them.
  • Start Reaction:  The System 6 will measure the time difference between the start signal and the impulse from the RJP or the Touchpad (backstroke starts). When the start reaction time is enabled, the System 6 will post the start reaction time to the scoreboard.
  • Declare Start/Finish End:  You can tell the System 6 where odd and even length races will start, which determines where they will finish. This way, in a 50m race you can start at the far end and finish at the near end (odd length race). The even length races would be set to start at the near end, which will then finish at the near end.
  • Automatic Backup Time Adjustment:  You have the option to automatically adjust the backup time for a lane with a discrepancy. If backup time adjustment is turned on, the System 6 will calculate the average differential across all good lanes and factor that into the backup time.
  • Dynamic Sponsor Message:  Load your own sponsor message and it will appear at the top of each results page print out.
  • Lane Re-Arming:  The System 6 will automatically turn on any lanes that are listed as lanes used in a pool after a Reset. This way, there is no chance of leaving a lane off when a swimmer is in the next heat.
  • Large, full-color screen:  The System 6 has the largest screen on the market – 8.4″ x 6.3″.  The large, backlit color screen makes it easy for you to read the information displayed.
  • USB Functionality:  Support of PCL printers (USB or Parallel), memory stick for data transfer, keyboard and mouse support


  • Dimensions: Height: 9.75”, Width: 18.375”
  • Depth: 11.5” (24.8 x 46.7 x 29.2 cm)
  • Weight: 10 lb (4.5 kg)
  • Power: 120/220V 50/60Hz 0.8 Amps
  • Construction: Durable molded plastic


UL Certification
Support for System 6 Timing Console
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System 6 Diving F871 Download
System 6 Diving Software User Guide F871 Download
System 6 Pace Clock Software User Guide F873 Download
System 6 Swimming Software User Guide F890 Download
System 6 Sport Loader User Guide F931 Download
System 6 Online Updates F898 Download
System 6 Artistic Swimming Software User Guide F874 Download
System 6 Water Polo Software User Guide F872 Download
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Software downloads
Swimming 1.234 – 21 June 2021

This update requires Firmware v1.32 or greater.

Diving.1.226 – 28 October 2019

This update includes the 2019 NFHS DD Table (you must select this table via Settings).

WaterPolo.1.129 – 24 February 2020

This update requires Firmware v1.36 or greater.

PaceClock.1.208 – 12 October 2010

This update requires Firmware v1.34 or greater.

Synchro.1.106 – 15 April 2009
Sport Loader 1.124 – 3 January 2011
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