Baseball/Softball Scoreboard (CM-1406)

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Multisport Electronic Scoreboard

The Colorado Multisport electronic scoreboard is an ideal solution for facilities that require a scoreboard that can display scoring information for a number of sports.  This unit is designed to be mounted on a wall, and does not include batteries for portable operation.  (see CM-1401 for the portable version)  With no hidden fees, each scoreboard INCLUDES:  built-in wireless capabilities, wireless scoreboard controller, built-in horn, and free customization options.

  • High visibility LED digits
  • Enclosures can be customized to match your team colors
  • Rugged powder-coated aluminum enclosures
  • 2.4GHz integrated wireless
  • Flexibility to select captions based on your application
  • Removable lexan panels for easy cleaning
  • Conformal coated to protect against corrosion
  • 5-year limited warranty


This indoor/outdoor LED electronic scoreboard provides wireless scoring capabilities, and includes HOME, GUEST, TIME, and PERIOD/QUARTER/INNING/HALF scoring.  An adjustable 8-tone 125dB horn provides clear, audible end-of-period and other notifications.  Integrated time-of-day functionality allows the scoreboard to act as a clock when control console is off.  Weather-proof digits and electronics are housed in a powder-coated aluminum chassis, which provides excellent corrosion resistance.  Scoreboard is shipped as one piece for ease of handling and installation.


  • High-visibility LED digits with adjustable brightness
  • HOME, TIME, GUEST:  13” (33.0cm) digit height
  • PERIOD:  10” (25.4cm) digit height
  • Select either all red,  all amber, or mixed digit color
  • High-strength polycarbonate digit covers protect digits and antenna from weather and ball impacts



  • Wireless Handheld Controller provides integrated 2.4 GHz wireless scoring technology, and features an operating distance of up to 1,000 feet.  The unit has 12 independent channels and 16 independent networks per channel that provide reliable communication for up to 192 separate games at a facility.
  • Wireless Tabletop Controller can be added for additional flexibility
  • Wired control options are available



  • Vinyl artwork captions are applied directly to display face
  • HOME, GUEST, TIME:  8″ (20.3cm) caption height
  • PER:  5″ (12.7cm) caption height
  • Team name caption can be shown in place of HOME
  • QTR, HALF, INN can be shown in place of PER



  • Choose from the following powder-coat color options at no additional cost:

MultiSport Enclosure_Colors

  • Custom color matching is available



  • Scoreboard constructed of lightweight, durable, powder-coated 5052 aluminum
  • Scoreboard is shipped as one piece for ease of handling and installation



For convenient installation, the scoreboard is equipped with four mounting tabs – two on the top and two on the bottom of the scoreboard.  Integrated lifting rings are used to hoist the display into place, where it is then secured via bolting or welding.  Various mounting options are available to ensure an efficient installation for different applications.  Refer to Installation Guide for more information regarding mounting procedure and details.



  • All digits and electronic components are accessed through the front face of the scoreboard
  • Digit covers are secured by quarter-turn slotted studs, which provide quick and convenient access to the electronic components behind them



Various sign panel options are available.  Contact CTS for more information regarding advertising and identification sign panels.



-41 to 131° Fahrenheit (-5 to 55° Celsius)



  • Electronic shot clocks and auxiliary displays
  • Scoreboard border striping
  • Striping around individual digit sections
  • Multiple caption options
  • Backboard lights
  • Advertising/identification sign panels
  • Decorative accents
  • Add-on video display panels of various sizes


  • Overall dimensions (W x H x D): 9′ 3′ x 4.25″ (2.7m x .9m x 10.8cm)
  • Weight: 90 lbs (40.8kg)
  • Power: 115 VAC – 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 90W


cETLus, FCC, CE, and RoHS compliant
Support for Baseball/Softball Scoreboard (CM-1406)
Name Download
Multisport Scoreboards Installation and User Guide F984 Download
Wireless Tabletop Controller (WTTC) Quick Reference Guide F974 Download
Wireless Handheld Controller (WHC) for All Scoreboards F970 Download
Wireless Handheld Controller (WHC) for Baseball F971 Download
Wireless Tabletop Controller (WTTC) for Baseball/Softball F978 Download
Wireless Tabletop Controller (WTTC) Shipping Instructions F1008 Download
Wireless Tabletop Controller (WTTC) Firmware Update Instructions F998 Download
Wireless Tabletop Controller Overview
Installation drawings
Name Download
Polemount Installation Details (S2013-001-003) Download
Wallmount Installation Details (S2013-001-001) Download
CM-1406 Architect Specifications Download
Assembly Details (S2013-001-013) Download
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