LED Video Scoreboard over new construction pool

12mm (224x384) 9.5' x 16.75' Full Color LED Video Scoreboard with GEN7 Swim Timing

Foothill High School made a monumental move in November of 2022 by commencing the construction of a brand-new aquatics center. This long-awaited event held great significance as the school had been without a swimming pool for over two years.

In just the past weeks, the aquatic facility has finally been completed!

LED Video Board across pool

“This is great. “It’s great for the community and the morale of the school. I think it’s beautiful.” Ryan Delgado, Foothill High School Senior

The new aquatic facility has been designed to accommodate several aquatic sports, such as competitive swimming, water polo, and diving. Featuring a 13-lane pool, the Foothill High School CIF Southern Section Conference athletes will be able to compete in all three sports and host events, which is something the school is very excited about.

LED video board-1-1
"The school was excited to see the
installation of the LED Video Scoreboard,
along with our GEN7 Timing System
for swimming, water polo,
and diving. Our new technology
and full-color display will
undoubtedly elevate Foothill High
School to the next level." 
Andrew Priest,
California Regional Sales Manager
A large 9.5' x 16.75' Colorado Time Systems LED Video Scoreboard has been incorporated into this brand-new aquatic facility, providing a full-color display for spectators, coaches, and athletes.

Also equipped with our patented GEN7 Timing SystemChampionship Start System, Touchpads, Pace ClocksTitanium Deckplates, and Deck Clocks this competitive pool is ready to host events and elevate school pride.

Titanium Deckplate under starting block

 “I just can’t wait to see the kids in the pool!”
 Heather King, Principal at Foothill High School 

At Colorado Time Systems, we are pleased to provide cutting-edge scoring, and display products for all venues. CTS can provide scoring, timing, and display solutions for almost every sport!

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