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I've been with Colorado Time Systems for years and see the same issues rise up for our customers at the start of every swim season. Here are 6 things you can do now to make sure your swim season is a success.

1. Educate Yourself

Knowledge is power. Take the time to learn how to operate your Colorado Time Systems equipment. With our extensive video library, online product resources, manuals, and user guides, there are tons of resources to help you learn how to use your equipment.

2. Create a Resource 

At some point, someone who has never operated your swim timer or scoreboard will have to, and they will need instructions. Take notes and pictures to create a binder showing how to run a meet with your equipment; future operators will be very thankful!

3. Don't Wait till the Last Minute

Do yourself a favor and set all your equipment up days before your event. Make sure the software is updated, inspect for clean connections, and do several test runs, making sure you will have a successful and stress-free event.

4. DisplayLink+ App Help Button

In the DisplayLink+ App, there is a HELP button on the lower right-hand corner of every page. Depending on the page you are currently on, the help offered will be segmented to provide you with the fastest and most important information. This is a fantastic tool when using DisplayLink.

5. Routine Cleaning

I cannot say enough about the importance of routinely cleaning your equipment. We have several maintenance videos on our YouTube Channel to help you understand when and how to properly clean your equipment. Additionally, never store away any equipment while it's wet!

6. Remain Calm

It feels overwhelming when the event you're hosting is scheduled to start soon, and there is a problem with your equipment. By setting up and testing your equipment in advance, this should rarely happen, but if it does, remain calm. Examine possible failure points in a logical order. Should you need us, Colorado Time Systems and our Authorized Service Providers are here to help you!

Have a great season, we are always here for you!

Phil Woods
Director of Customer Service and Support

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