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System 6 timer with Water Polo on screen

Enhance the versatility of your System 6 with the addition of Water Polo software and hardware.  The Water Polo software includes the water polo interface, one pushbutton, keyboard insert, and the manual.  Colorado Time Systems has integrated the new World Aquatics rules Amendment#1:  WP20:

The time keeper recording the possession time shall reset the clock to 20 seconds when

a)  the ball is put into play after awarding a corner throw

b)  after a rebound after a shot which does not cause change of possession and

c)  after an exclusion

Additional hardware requirements include:  water polo horn, shot clocks, and scoreboard signage.  Software can be provided with your initial purchase, or added at a later date via internet download or USB installation.

The System 6 large screen display permits the operator to view:

  • Times to .01
  • Penalty time
  • Game time
  • Times
  • Individual player fouls
  • Shot time
  • Team scores
  • Time outs
  • Time of day

From the System 6 keyboard, the operator controls the shot clocks, game time, three penalty times per team, team scores, and the horn.  The operator can also edit any or all preset times, player cap numbers, and set the time of day.

The operator can focus attention on game action by using the handheld interface unit.  Control the shot clock reset function with one pushbutton and the game start/stop function with the rocker switch.

You can display game, shot, and penalty times; as well as team scores, period number and time of day.  Scoring leaders, player fouls and game time will show to .01 when under a minute in stop time.

Colorado Time Systems is the Official Scoring and Timing System of United States Water Polo


  • Water Polo Horn
  • Wireless Water Polo Horn
  • Shot Clocks
  • Portable Water Polo Scoreboard
  • Sky-Fi Wireless Adapter
  • LED-R Scoreboards
  • Full Color LED Matrix Displays
Support for System 6 – Water Polo
Name Download
System 6 Water Polo Software User Guide F872 Download
System 6 - Sportloader Update
System 6 - SportLoader Introduction
Software downloads
WaterPolo.1.129 – 24 February 2020

This update requires Firmware v1.36 or greater.

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