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Ann Arbor, MI

13 ft x 36 ft, 8mm Full Color Indoor LED Video Display
The University of Michigan has installed a new 540 square foot video board ahead of the 2023 Big Ten Championships. This took their aging 23mm Indoor LED Video Display to a much larger 8mm Full Color LED Video Display and increased the size from 8.5 ft x 15.7 ft to a massive 13 ft x 36 ft!
The Wolverines now have the largest aquatic LED Video Display in the state of Michigan, and one of the largest inside a Natatorium in the country!
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It's great that Michigan finally got a new display, it has been a long time coming.   Since the pool is hosting both the Women's and Men's Big Ten Championships this year (2023), swimmers, coaches and fans will get a lot more information.  Swimming events will be able to show race information, real time event standings, and live video, all at the same time!  For diving as well, current diver information and scores, real time event standings and live video.  I'm also excited to see water polo in action on the display as well, with game information, live exclusion board information and live video as well.

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