GEN7 Swim Timing Serial Connect Hubs

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Gen7 connection hub
Gen7 Bulkhead Connect for swim timing
Gen7 Start Connect Top View for swim timing
Gen7 Start Connect for swim timing
Gen7 connection hub
Gen7 Bulkhead Connect for swim timing
Gen7 Start Connect Top View for swim timing
Gen7 Start Connect for swim timing

The Gen7 serial structure is unparalleled.  The innovative, intelligent bus communication system allows you the flexibility to design the best location(s) to connect your timer, start system, deck clocks, portable scoreboards, and bulkheads.  It also reduces cabling to allow your facility to utilize convenient 1.5″ conduit.

  • Each type of connect hub is uniquely keyed and color coded to ensure that each component is connected in the right place
  • Perform checks twice a second to see if there is a connection at its location
  • Corrosion-free titanium connections
  • Minimal maintenance; simply remove any debris that gets in the connect hub.  Each connect hub comes with a screw-on cap to keep debris out.  No chemical cleaning.  Connect hubs are power washable.
  • Connections are wet-pluggable, purging the water out of the deck plate or connect plate while making a superior connection
  • Timer, start system, scoreboard, and bulkhead connect hubs can be mounted in-deck or in wallplates
  • On-board memory that records pertinent data for troubleshooting

Each connect hub has built-in intelligence to test and report input connections, as well as any compromised wire terminations or corrosion.


Titanium timer connect:  TDPI-T1

Titanium starter connect:  TDPI-S2

Titanium bulkhead connect - in-deck:  TDPI-BH3

Titanium bulkhead connect - on bulkhead:  TDPI-BH4

Titanium scoreboard connect:  TDPI-SC5

Support for GEN7 Swim Timing Serial Connect Hubs
Name Download
Gen7 Networking Information F1066 Download
Gen7 Serial Quick Start Guide F1041 Download
Gen7 Software Quick Start Guide F1044 Download
Gen7 Software Update Instructions F1049 Download
Gen7 Serial Timer User Guide F1034-1 Download
Introduction to the Gen7 Timer and Software
Gen7 Diagnostics
Gen7 General and Printing Settings
Gen7 Scoreboard Settings
Gen7 Session Settings
Gen7 - Relay Judging and Backup Buttons
Gen7 Software - Handling Exceptions
Gen7 - Creating an Event Sequence
Gen7 Serial Hardware Connections
Gen7 Software Startup and Meet Creation
Gen7 Power Connection Video
Gen7 Swim Timing Solutions
Gen7 Serial Swim Timing
Meet Management Office Overview
Software downloads
Gen7 Swimming v2024.0.1
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