2.4GHz Wireless Scoreboard Adapter

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wireless scoreboard adapter


The 2.4GHz wireless electronic scoreboard adapter (WA-3) allows you to wirelessly transmit data to Colorado Time Systems’ LED electronic scoreboards from a variety of input devices. Whether you are running swimming, diving, synchronized swimming, or water polo; this adapter can work for you and free your deck from scoreboard cabling.

2.4GHz integrated wireless: With 12 independent channels and 8 independent networks per channel, you can count on reliable communication to your LED display.
From your timing console: Connect one WA-3 to the timing console and another to your LED scoreboard*.
From your laptop running SynchroMM or other CTS software: Connect your WA-3 to your laptop, and another to your LED electronic scoreboard*.
From your multisport tabletop (WTTC-1) or handheld (WHC-1) controller: No WA-3 required.


*If you are using a 2.4GHz integrated wireless electronic scoreboard, you will only need one adapter connected to your input source.

Support for 2.4GHz Wireless Scoreboard Adapter
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2.4GHz Wireless Adapter (WA-3) User Guide F1045 Download
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