System 5 & 6 Event Sequence

What is Event Sequence? The Event Sequence is a list of events that the System 5 or the System 6 Timing Console will go through, in order, for a meet. You can enter the events manually, use the ones in the timer, or download them from a meet management program. See the System 5 or System 6 manual for more information.

When you set the timer for Event 1, it will “pull” the event title from Event 1 in the sequence. So make sure you have set the correct option number (for example, #2 is Boys High School, #5 is NCAA 13-Event Program, etc.). You can look at the Event Sequence by going to SETUPS, then arrow down to EVENT SEQUENCE, and then select the CHOICE number. After pressing the CHOICE number, press the number zero to view the events in that sequence.

In the System 5, it is critical that each event has a distance. If it does not have an event distance, the System 5 will think it is a diving event; it will attempt to go into diving, and get stuck in a loop. If you have this problem,

  1. Press the START key
  2. When the System 5 asks, “Do you want to go into diving?” press NO.
  3. Go to the SETUPS menu, and arrow down to EVENT SEQUENCE.
  4. Press the number zero to view the events in that sequence.
  5. Use the UP and DOWN keys to go to the first event that does not have a distance associated with it. Enter the correct distance using the distance keys on the keyboard under the heading EVENTS.
  6. Enter a distance for each of the events that does not have one.
  7. Press RESET on your System 5.

These steps are not needed with the System 6.