Unable to communicate to Meet Manager computer:  The meet management computer must connect to the System 6 on COM Port #1 only, and must be in the race screen with RESET showing in the upper left corner. The connection to Meet Manager is usually done via USB to serial cable.  Make sure the proper USB to serial drivers are updated and properly loaded on the MM computer.

Communication to scoreboard issues:  Check settings in timing console.  Clean scoreboard port on the console and cable plugs.  Check for shorts or broken wires in deck system.

Timer slows down or locks up:  The second leading cause of this is that the Meet Management computer is being bogged down.  This is most common if running meet mobile on a slow internet connection.  If you are unable to remedy your internet connection and your printer cable is parallel printing, move your printer to the parallel ports on the System 6 and this should correct the issue.

Video problems.  Split screen:  top of picture is at bottom, and bottom is at top with black line in center but the timing console boots and run correctly.  CMOS battery has died, causing console to forget screen size.  CMOS battery saves operational settings on main board called a “single board computer.”  You will need to send your console in for service.

Colors are “off” in picture, but timing console runs normally:  Video cable connection to LCD screen has become loose, corrupting data signal. The cable will need to be replaced at the CTS service center.

Console says it is “running on battery” while plugged into AC power:  Look on the top of the black box in the middle of the power supply cord and you will find the cable pinout embossed on the cover.  Measure the voltage according to the pinout to assure your power supply is good.

Unable to print:  The driver list in the System 6 is not comprehensive and you will probably not find the drivers for your printer model listed.  Since we use a very small list of commands from the PCL (Printer Control Language), make sure your printer supports PCL versions 4, 5, 5e, or 6.  Select the closest printer model without going over the version number from the printer list that comes up.  For instance, if you have a Brother HL-5240 pick the Brother HL (model) 5140.  If your print out does not format correctly, try a different model number and check your formatting again.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  if your Timer locks-up, or freezes.  DO NOT DO HARD SHUTDOWN (turn off).  Like a computer, SYS6’s circuit boards have firmware that can be lost if proper shutdown procedure is not followed.  This can lead to costly repairs.  Please follow proper shutdown procedure from the manual, and on Timer Shut Down Procedure sticker on front of SYS6.  If Timer becomes unresponsive you can “soft reboot”, using external keyboard.  Plug-in external keyboard, and hold down:  Ctrl, Alt, and Backspace.  Like Ctrl, Alt, Delete on computer, this should reboot Timer back into Sports Loader.

If you need to send Timer into CTS for repair.  Please go to https://coloradotime.com/forms/repair.pdf, and fill out form.  RMA# is your customer#.  If you don’t know your customer#.  Call Customer Service 1-970-667-1000 ext# 3, and we can find that for you.   Ship your console back in suitcase with power supply.  Customer Service can answer any questions about how to ship.