Four Steps to Perfection

Colorado Time Systems strives to provide our users with the best technology and experience when using our product. The System 6 software is regularly reviewed and enhanced. The latest System 6 software updates   require multiple installations to complete. These multiple installations are important because certain aspects of the updates depend on the successful installation of other pieces. The System 6 Timing Console will process these “layered” installation steps in a sequential order to make them work properly.

Have no fear: Installation is fast. Even with multiple installation steps, you should be able to complete your system update in about five minutes.

How do I get my updates?

Visit Colorado Time Systems’ Web site. The Downloadable Software and Updates page lists all available updates.

USB or non-USB?

If you’re using a USB-enabled System 6 Timing Console, the unit will not have a 3.5-inch floppy disk drive. Instead, you can download the updates to a computer, save them on a USB storage device and install through the USB port.

If you’re using a non-USB-enabled console, the unit will have a 3.5-inch floppy disk drive. You can download the updates to a computer and save them on a disk to use for your installation.

If your facility’s IT security allows, you can also download updates directly to your system through an Internet connection.

How do I know the installation is complete?

USB-enabled systems. You may need to perform up to 4 installations to complete the full update.

To verify that the installation is complete:

  • Open the Swimming program.
  • Look at the top of the screen for software version information.
  • When the latest version is displayed, the installation is complete.

When you have verified that the installation is complete, power down your system and reboot to configure the updates.

When you take the time to perform these layered installations, you can ensure that your software updates will function properly.

For more information about the latest updates or help with questions about your System 6 Timing Console, call our service department at 800-279-0111 or +1 970-667-1000 x 3.