Occasionally, the setup files in your System 6 may become corrupt. In the unlikely event that this happens, you will notice unexplainable errors:

  • You are not able to gain access to a sports program.
  • You are spontaneously sent back to the main sport loader screen.
  • Your printer stops printing.
  • Your scoreboard data freezes.
  • You encounter software-access violation errors.

If you notice these symptoms, try the following troubleshooting steps:

1. From the main sport loader screen, use the soft keys at the right side of the LCD screen to select “More” or “Disk.” (If your screen displays “Disk,” skip to step 2.)

2. Select “Disk.”

3. Select “Setup Files.”

4. Select “Select all.”

5/6. Select “Delete Selected Files.” Then select “Quit” and “Quit” again.

After you have selected “Quit,” you will return to the main sport loader screen. You should now be able to access the sport program of your choice.

CAUTION: This procedure has the same result as selecting the “Restore Defaults” option. The procedure will reset the settings of the System 6 to the factory default settings, and some or all of your custom setups (Store Print Format, Scoreboard Mapping, Lane Numbers and Orientation) may be lost. You can reset the appropriate setups for your facility in the “Setups” menu.

This solution is not recommended as a normal maintenance routine but can be used prudently to resolve unexplained issues. For additional information, contact our Customer Service Team at 800-279-0111 x 3 or +1 970-667-1000 x 3.