SS1 and SS2 Battery Troubleshooting Guide:

  • Verify battery is connected and connections to battery are good.
  • Verify charging has been recently performed.
  • Verify charging circuit is functioning properly.
  • Try running the Start System off of AC charging power supply.
  • Check in-line fuse and replace with similar fuse if possible.

Full battery voltage should be in the range of 11VDC to 14.8VDC. If this voltage cannot be acommodated, the problem lies in either the battery (collapsed cell, old battery, etc.) or in charging circuitry on the circuit board.

To check the battery, completely isolate the battery (unhook both wires or unplug from circuit board). Then, take a Voltmeter (DC setting) and read voltage potential across the two terminals on top of the battery. You should read somewhere between 11VDC and 15VDC. Anything in excess or below these readings indicate an issue.

Now the problem must be narrowed down to the individual component. If possible, replace the battery with a known good one. If the system is still non-functional, then check voltages across the outside pins (i.e. pins 1 and 5) on the circuit board. You are looking for readings inside of the range of 12VDC to 15VDC. If not in this acceptable range, then the problem lies yet elsewhere.

Finally, check that there is power at the receptacle in which you are plugged into on the wall. Ensure that you have the 115V AC power at the outlet. If power at the wall socket is found to be good, please contact Customer Service at (800) 287-0653 or email Customer Service.

Related System Parts

  • Replacement Gel-Cell Battery
  • Replacement Power Brick
  • Replacement Power Transformer (internal to Start System)
  • Replacement Board
  • Upgrade Model SS-01 to Model SS-02: Kit includes new battery, new circuit board, new strobe and cabling, and also new M-25 microphone. This is highly suggested if you have a Model SS-01, as a piece by piece replacement is approximately $100 greater.


SS1 and SS2 Circuit Board Troubleshooting Guide:

Listed below are the common symptoms and easy checks for SS-01 and SS-02 Circuit Boards.

Start system won’t start timing system:

  • Check all cabling for proper connection and connections free of corrosion.
  • Check cables for shorts or opens; such as broken or crossed wires, broken plugs.
  • Swap cables, if possible, trying to isolate problem.
  • Try different microphone or plug into another of the 3 possible microphone jacks.
  • Check start output with Ohmmeter or CTS’s TPM-D, looking for a short duration signal. (Actually should look like a monetary short.)

Strobe will not go off:

  • See start system strobe troubleshooting below.

Voice and or tone is weak or crackly:

  • Check condition of speaker(s) and all associated cabling, taking notice of possible corrosion of connections. Clean or replace connectors as necessary.
  • Check battery condition.
  • May have weakening audio drivers, circuit board should also be sent in to Customer Service for Repair.
    Download repair form now.


Start System Flash Strobe Troubleshooting Guide

Listed below are some symptoms you may be experiencing with your system and some information on its maintenance.

To troubleshoot the problem effectively, verify if the problem resides in the strobe or circuit board.


  • Do you hear a clicking noise (relay closing) when the Start System is operated normally? Unhook all horns when doling this test, as the click is very quiet.
  • If you heard the “click,” then the problem is in the strobe itself. Check the operation of the strobe.
  • If you didn’t hear the “click,” then the problem resides in the circuit board. The board needs to be repaired or replaced. Download repair form now.