At times, you may find that you have installed your equipment in extremely hot and sunny conditions in which your touchpad is not totally submerged but is partially out of the water. Such a situation is typical in a FINA pool environment, in which 30 centimeters of the touchpad is always exposed.

In such extreme conditions, it is recommended that you protect the touchpad by covering the exposed part when it’s not in active use — for example, during a long pause between swim sessions. You can protect the touchpad by simply draping a wet deck towel over the exposed part of the touchpad or by submerging or regularly wetting the touchpad when it’s not in use.

It is also recommended that when any touchpads are stored out of the pool (e.g., on a touchpad caddy) they be protected from extremely hot and sunny conditions. Simply keep touchpads stored in a shaded place, either indoors or covered.