Turn It On

Once you’ve made the decision to equip your facility with an LED matrix display, you want to make sure that everything works properly every time. These dynamic displays are slightly more complicated than the standard numeric scoreboards because of the volume of data going to the displays. Each board needs a computer running two programs (Display Link and the User Interface Module or UIM program).

Included with the purchase of each board is a CVC (Central Video Controller) or VPU (Video Processing Unit) for full color displays or a CDC (Central Display Controller) for single color displays. These units convert data from the computer to light, which is then transmitted through a fiber optic cable to the display.

The order in which you power up your equipment is critical. In order to avoid any confusion, follow these simple steps when powering on your matrix display and the associated timing equipment*:


  1. Turn on the LED matrix display (at the building power panel or a special power switch mounted on the wall).
  2. The display will flicker in response
  3. Turn on the CDC, VPU or CVC.
  4. The matrix display may go blank
  5. Turn on the computer and log in as the administrator
  6. The matrix display may remain blank
  7. Turn on the Timing Console**

*NOTE: if you have a Video Scaler (Krammer), you can turn it on at any time.

**If the Timing Console is turned on before the computer, the computer will detect the Timing Console because the scoreboard data is plugged into the computer. If the computer detects the Timing Console, it will cause the mouse pointer to move rapidly across the screen.

CDC (Central Display Controller)
CDC (Central Display Controller) 


CVC (Central Video Controller)