Properly preparing your equipment for storage can prevent many problems before they occur.

Inform Colorado Time Systems’ Customer Service Department (970) 667-1000  x 3 or about any observed equipment problems prior to storage. This allows CTS time to correct any issues during your down time, rather than waiting until swim season starts up.

Proper preparation of your equipment consists of cleaning and storing it properly. Here’s how to do it and why:

  • Touchpads: Hang up your touchpads using a touchpad caddy. You need to make sure that no cords are trapped between the touchpads, and that there’s no physical contact to the face of the touchpad for long periods of time. Your touchpad storage area should not be subject to extreme temperatures and should keep your touchpads safe from physical damage.
  • Cables and buttons: Using fresh water, rinse all deck cables, backup buttons and any other equipment that is normally in direct contact with pool water. Store this equipment so it will be able to dry out and stay dry.
  • Timers, start systems and other equipment: Remove all disposable batteries, such as in the System 4000 and System 5 sports timers, and ensure that all equipment with an on\off power switch is turned to the off position. Store this equipment in a dry, safe place.
  • Scoreboards: Remove the power to your scoreboard to prevent any damage that may occur from power fluctuations or lightning strikes.

Following the above recommendations will greatly reduce the chance of any last-minute problems early in your swim season.