Q: I installed the software and got this error when I tried to launch it, “System Error. The program can’t start because FTD2XX.dll is missing from your computer. Try re-installing the program to fix this problem.”
A: This is a system error that shows up the first time you launch the software and haven’t plugged in the base unit.

Q: I just purchased a new computer and downloaded the software from the internet. Will the new software work with the newer Windows platforms?
A: Yes, the Dolphin software will run all newer Windows operating systems, but is not compatible with Macintosh.

Q: I have watches at different firmware versions. Do I have to upgrade the firmware on my older watches?
A: Firmware versions 1.20 and 1.30 will run with software versions 3.7 or 4.2. Software version 4.3 was developed as a response to FINA requests for a lane 0 (zero) capability (lanes 0 – 9 rather than lanes 1 – 10). As a result of this change, the older versions will display different lanes than what the watch is set for. Base unit firmware 1.41, stopwatch firmware 1.41, and starter firmware 1.31 will eliminate this disparity.

Q: I just bought some new watches that have firmware version 1.41. Am I going to be able to use them with the older software versions?
A: It is recommended that you upgrade to software version 4.3. If not, the scoreboard will display different lanes than the lane that is set on the dolphin stopwatch.

Q: I can’t upgrade the scoreboard adapter. How do I get it to run with the new software?
A: The scoreboard adapter has a very quick time out from the other devices. Set everything up before the upgrade and move quickly to “Update Scoreboard Code,” and you shouldn’t have any problems.

Q: I went through the upgrade procedure, but when I look at the version on my watch; it hasn’t upgraded. What do I do?
A: In order for the upgrade to write to the firmware file, the watch has to shut itself off. If it doesn’t turn itself off when the progress reaches 100%, you just need to do it again. Before each upgrade, you always need to unplug and re-plug the base unit (reboot the base unit), re-launch the software, turn the appropriate watch back on and then put the watch in the proper menu screen. Then, you can continue with the upgrade. If a watch doesn’t upgrade the first time, turn the watch back off before you go through the process again and then turn it back on after the software is launched.

Q: I just bought an Otter Scoreboard for my Dolphin system, but I can’t get it to work.
A: The Otter Scoreboard has two separate wireless frequencies that it can operate under. One for Dolphin swimming, and the second for other sports. You will need to set the Dolphin channel to run on the same channel that the scoreboard displays on the start up process.

When the Otter Scoreboard starts up, it displays three values: A (Address), C (Channel), and P (Pan). During the start up sequence, the scoreboard will display the lane, place, time. In the lane and place locations, a number will display. If the number is greater than 9, a zero will appear in the lane location, and a number between 1 and 9 will display in the place location. That number (lane, and place) is the channel that the Dolphin software and hardware should be set to (i.e. lane= 1, place=8 — set channel to 18). After changing the Dolphin software to the channel displayed on the Otter Scoreboard.

Q: Meet Manager is showing random times. What am I doing wrong?
A: Meet Manager has two options for data sets: “CTS Dolphin” and “CTS Dolphin with splits.” If you are running Software version 3.7, you need “CTS Dolphin.” This draws the files with the .d03 extension from the CTSDolphin folder in the root directory on your hard drive. If you are using Software versions 4.2 or 4.3 you need to have the data set “CTS Dolphin with splits” even if you are not recording splits. If you are not recording splits, then you need to set the splits to “1” in the software and it will display only final times. “CTS Dolphin with splits” draws the files with the .d04 extensions.

Q: The starter won’t start the watches when I start with the Infinity or Championship Start System. It runs fine if I start the race manually with the starter. How do I get it to work with my start system?
A: If the starter is plugged in to the Speaker Output jack instead of the Start Output jack, it send a 5V signal to ground and blows a capacitor inside the circuitry. The starter has to be repaired in order to use it with a start system again.

Q: I just tried to download the software to my new laptop, but the disk will not install. How do I get the software to install?
A: Software versions 3.7 and 4.2 were created prior to the release of the newer Windows operating systems and will not work with the newer versions of Microsoft Windows. You will need to visit our website and download the newest software version and do the necessary component firmware upgrades.

Q: I have the older style stopwatches and want to add extra watches. Do I have to replace my old watches with the new ones?
A: No. The change to the blue pistol grip style was only an ergonomic change. All functionality in operation is exactly the same. The watches are all totally interchangeable in the system.