Most people are using some sort of meet management computer connected to the timing consoles (System 5 or System 6).

There are two steps to communicating to the console:

  1. First connect the cable. The way the meet management computer connects to the timing console is through the 9-pin serial communication port. Use a standard modem cable or a serial RS-232 cable. Always use a standard cable (and no null modem). Good options are:  Keyspan USA 19HS, Moxa Uport 1110, Trendnet TU-S9, or as specified by Hy-Tek.  Keep the cable length under 25 feet, and connect from COM 1 on the System 5 or System 6 to a COM port on your meet management computer.
  2. Set the port number in the meet management computer. This setting tells the meet management program which port to use to communicate to the timing console.

Keep in mind that when the meet management software asks you which COM port you are using, it is in reference to the COM port of the meet management computer and not in reference to the COM port of the timing console, which is always COM 1.

Newer computers may not have 9-pin communication connectors, but they all have USB ports. There are adapter cables to convert the USB port to a 9-pin communication port. You can order this from CTS (part number 015-467). If you are buying it separately, we recommend the Belkin USB serial adapter. Depending on the model you buy, there will probably be drivers that will need to be loaded on your computer for the adapter to function properly. Just follow the installation directions.

The only tricky part is to remember what port the computer assigns to this adapter.

Locating a COM Port on Windows XP-Vista

Locating a COM Port on Windows 7 or newer