Clean Connection is the Key


It is important that you be very observant when you connect your timing systems.

Observe that the equipment is in good condition and all the connectors are clean. Remember that electricity likes a clean connection. Corrosion is an insulator and will prevent the flow of electricity. So before you plug in any connector, ensure that it is clean and free of corrosion.

Most connectors take a little force to plug them in. If the connector goes in too easily, it usually means the prongs are broken or the prongs have collapsed. The connectors on our touchpads and buttons are called banana plugs. Replacement banana plugs can be purchased from our Customer Service Department. The replacement plugs are easy to install.

Just cut off the old plug, strip back the wires, and install the new plug. It is easy to do. Instructions for cleaning banana plugs and replacing them if necessary are on page 8-3 of the TouchPad Manual (PDF, 596 kB).

Replacing a Banana Plug Video

If you do have a problem with any plugs or equipment, take the time to get it fixed. It is important to keep your equipment in good working order. Most problems are simple to solve. By being observant you can discover and solve many problems before the big meet.