System 6 – Swimming

Version 1.234 – 21 June 2021

Fixed issue with Current Meet pointer in Meet Management interface (Required for Meet Maestro compatibility)

Version 1.232 – 20 November 2013

Fixed issue with LED-R intensity changing between races

Version 1.228 – 1 February 2012

Fixed issues with DQ, NP, +Touch, -Touch and Edit time when set to “First Lane 0”

Version 1.226 – 1 June 2011

Minor improvements to application loading

Added option to display first lane as 0 (zero)

Version 1.224 – 29 January 2010

Fixed an issue with meet data not being saved after powerdown

Version 1.222 – 15 April 2009

Compatibility updates for USB Enabled timers

Fixed issues with phased scoreboard data (e.g., 8 lanes, 4 display lines)

Version 1.220 – 12 March 2009

Addressed issue with arming of far end pads prior to a near end finish

Fixed issues with Split Summary Report

Improved internal communication with hardware

Version 1.218 – 7 October 2008

Further improvements of single-line (0F) scoreboard

Race Distance remains the same when change event number if no event sequence has been programmed

Fixed several potential “lock-up” scenarios

Added support of USB printer (requires hardware upgrade)

Version 1.216 – 18 August 2008

Major improvements to the operation of the single-line scoreboard (0F)

Added option to display running time on a single module (12) and not on all lanes

Version 1.214 – 7 March 2008

Fixed minor issue with meet management transfer protocol

Version 1.212 – 27 December 2007

Fixes issue with timer “locking” after performing a Shutdown from within Swimming

Version 1.210 – 12 December 2007

KNOWN ISSUE: When performing a shutdown from within Swimming, the screen may not always clear. After confirming the shutdown, you may power down the timer after about 10 seconds

Minor fix that prevented Swimming from loading under certain circumstances

Version 1.208 – 10 December 2007

KNOWN ISSUE: When performing a shutdown from within Swimming, the screen may not always clear. After confirming the shutdown, you may power down the timer after about 10 seconds

NEW FEATURE: Places can now be displayed on the scoreboard while the race is running. Previously, places would only be displayed at the end of the race

NEW FEATURE: A button has been added to the “Quick Options” to repost the previous race by place. This allows the race to be run in lane order and then immediately reposted in place order without having to delve into the “Stored Data” menus.

Improvements to manual editing of times in stored data.

RJP on the far end of the pool could be associated with the near end and vice versa. This has been corrected.

The System6 will now visually indicate (by changing the lane box from white to orange) if a swimmer may have missed a touch pad.

The “Clear Lanes Automatically” feature now clears the place pick module and the subtracted splits.

Manual and Downloaded Event Sequences are now automatically saved

“Edit/DQ” key on lower keyboard now behaves properly in the “Stored Data” menu

Improvements to the “Investigate Race” screen that appears when pad and button times are not within comparison interval

“Create New Meet” now clears results from the screen

Printouts have been improved with respect to formatting and readability

If the “Screen Lengths Count” direction is during a race, the lengths count on the screen gets updated properly

If the record time is edited from the main screen, the new record time is saved with the event sequence.

The default pad to backup comparison time has been change to 0.31 seconds.

A new setup menu for configuring the WA-1 Wireless Scoreboard adapter has been added.

Version 1.206 – 16 April 2007

Main user interface has been made cleaner and more clear

Simplified the method for printing reports and cleaned up the formatting on the printouts

Many performance improvements with regards to meet management serial interface

A button has been added the “Misc” Menu to allow the timer to be shutdown without exiting Swimming

Odd length races now accept “Start Reaction Times” from the appropriate end of the pool

Fixed an issue with LED series numeric scoreboards being improperly set to have alternating levels of brightness

Fixed an issue involving single length races (25 yard races in a 25 yard pool) that would cause a “Division by Zero” error

Empty races are automatically flagged as “Do NOT Print”

Backup times are now printing only on the “Race Summary”

If the race distance was changed to be made longer after a race was finished, the placings on the screen were not cleared. This has been corrected

Fixed an issue regarding the color of the DQ label on the screen

If the lanes were not set to normal, pad inputs would not beep. This has been corrected

If there was no “Event Sequence Title” and the option was enabled to “Show Evt. Seq. Title in Header”, reports would not print properly. This has been corrected

The C/E button will now clear the “Record Time” entry box

Empty races are now properly displayed in the “Stored Data” screen

Version 1.204 – 3 November 2006

Minor update to fix buffer overflow error.

Version 1.202 – 26 September 2006

This update will delete all previous meets. Please backup your old meets to a floppy if you want to save them.

This update requires Firmware v1.32 or greater. Please contact Customer Service with your serial number (from the Diagnostics Screen) or use the System 6 online update system.

When showing module definitions on the scoreboard, module 0F now displays correctly.

Added an option to blink the time of a lane that broke the record. It was not optional before.

Fixed formatting issues with Splits Summary report.

Enhanced “Place Order” scoreboard mode to:

Only show running time on lane 1

Swap Lane and Place Columns

Display times faster

Swimming will only create a new meet once per power cycle. This will allow the user to exit Swimming to run Diving and re-enter swimming and pick back up where they left off. If a new meet is required, the user can now select “Create NEW Meet” under the “Misc” menu. In order for this to work, Sport Loader will need to be updated to 1.108.

If an event sequence title was blank and the user tried to download event sequences from meet management software, the timer could lock up. This has been corrected.

Improved scoreboard initialization.

Improved keypad data entry for items including Team Scores, and delay times in Setups.

Improved event sequence storage and editing. You will have to recreate custom event sequences after loading this update the first time.

Added the ability to save a record time for each event.

Various formatting improvements for printouts.

Lanes can be turned off in Reset without affecting the placing for either the previous or subsequent races.

An option has been added to allow the event sequence title to be placed in the header of all printouts.

Team scores on the scoreboard can be blanked by pressing the C/E button in the “Team Score Entry box.”

Races that are tagged as “Do NOT Print” are now no longer printed.

If a primary time was missing from a lane, under certain circumstances, the data stream passed to meet management could become corrupt. This has been corrected.

An option has been added to automatically clear places and times from the scoreboard when the event or heat is changed during a reset following a race.

An option has been added to allow the pad-to-backup comparison interval to be adjusted (Use with caution, most governing bodies dictate 0.3 seconds)

The Display Lanes Panel now (optionally) appears directly on the main screen and remains in place throughout operation.

A new “Quick Options” button has been added to the main menu to allow on-the-fly changing of various setup options including:

Far End Splits

Display Lanes Screen Visibility

Backstroke Start Reaction Times

Swapping scoreboard modules OC and OD. This is intended to be used with 6-Digit Dual-Purpose Scoreboards (LED-DP)

If the operator forgets to advance the event or heat before the start of the next race, no event and heat number will print in the race history. This is designed to avoid the confusion of having multiple printouts with the same event/heat numbers, but actually showing different data.

Version 1.142 – 17 January 2006

This update will delete all previous meets. Please backup your old meets to a floppy if you want to save them.

Added button in setups to restore factory defaults

Added ability to adjust intensity of LED Numeric Scoreboards (requires scoreboard firmware version 1.3 and System 6 Firmware 1.30)

Addresses issue when communicating with Meet Management that resulted in a “Division by Zero” message.

System 6 – Diving

Version 1.226 – 28 October 2019

Added support for 2019 NFHS DD Table

Version 1.224 – 2 January 2014

Fixed issue with incorrect DD’s being calculated

Version 1.222 – 20 November 2013

Implemented new FINA DD Formula

Fixed issue with LED-R intensity change between dives

Improved Single Line Scoreboard module (0F)

Fixed on-screen cast-outs display

Fixed issue with battery warning not showing on screen when AC power was removed

Version 1.220 – 1 Feburary 2012

Added option to mark cast-out (high and low) scores on screen

Cast-outs can be shown on Full and Single Color Boards using DisplayLink

Added selectable COM2 serial output

Version 1.218 – 5 July 2011

Added support for 2.4 GHz WIO/WJTs

Version 1.216 – 6 October 2010

Updated Wireless Judging communication to match WIO/WJT v1.18

This is a critical update and support for prior versions of WIO/WJT has been removed

Performance enhancements for WJT system

A Release All button has been added to the WJT Management screen. This will release and power down the entire WJT system

Version 1.214 – 11 February 2010

Updated Wireless Judging communication to match WIO/WJT v1.10

This is a critical update and support for prior versions of WIO/WJT has been removed

Added support for new 11 judge synchronized scoring pattern

Version 1.212 – 18 January 2010

Improved performance of Wireless Judging Terminals

Addressed issue where console might not advance to the next dive after a fail or balk

Version 1.210 – 16 December 2009

Added support for Wireless Judging Terminals

Version 1.208 – 10 November 2009

Updated DD formula to reflect FINA changes

Improved speed to Judges’ Interface

Resolved issue with printer being mistakenly identified as not present

Version 1.206 – 21 September 2009

Resolved potential data timeout with Judges’ Interface

Version 1.204 – 15 April 2009

Compatibility updates for USB Enabled timers

Version 1.202 – 30 October 2008

Added back “Alpha Export” feature, now accessed with serial command instead of button sequence

Added back “Export Event” feature, now accessed with serial command instead of button sequence

Added support of USB printer (requires hardware upgrade)

Version 1.200 – 6 June 2008

Major update to user interface

choose meet and choose event screen now support more entries

main judging screen now features on-screen leaderboard

Improved interface with meet management software

newer protocol

easier to import data

Processing time for printouts greatly reduced

Added support for synchronized diving without different dives

Numeric characters can be used in meet titles

Diver’s team names can now be entered

Added scoreboard module 1A to show platform level on first two digits

Added ability to blank and unblank scoreboard

Fixed minor issues with scoreboard data display

Version 1.136 – 22 February 2007

Instead of a pre-defined table, Degree of Difficulty (DD) lookup has been implemented using the FINA formula. This allows for new dives to be competed without editing the DD table. Any dive that is entered for a diver that does not have a FINA DD (as defined by the formula) is given a DD of 1.0.

The “Change Dive” and “Change DD” buttons can now be used after judges awards have come in. This allows incorrect dive and DD entries to be corrected without having to re-enter the judges’ awards.

“Hold Mode” functionality has been improved to allow scores to be corrected before sending the data to the scoreboard. Data will always be sent to the printer, regardless of whether “Hold Mode” is enabled.

Many improvements to printouts.

Instead of allowing arbitrary (and potentially incorrect) arrangements of synchro judges, two options have been added:

4 Exec Judges in a row (Ex Ex Ex Ex Sy Sy Sy Sy Sy)

2 Exec Judges at each end (Ex Ex Sy Sy Sy Sy Sy Ex Ex)

Enhancements to data entry for Synchro diving.

Date and Time are now always shown on the screen.

Software and Firmware version are now always shown on the screen.

Meet and Event name are now always shown on the screen.

Improved keypad entry throughout the program

0F module has been updated to show proper DD.

Scoreboard output has been cleaned up.

Improvements to Judging screen.

Added option to enable continuous printout of data during the event (paper backup)

Version 1.134 – 12 September 2006

Resolved intermittent Meet Management communications issue

Version 1.132 – 28 August 2006

Fixed Judges Interface

Version 1.130 – 22 August 2006

Improved menu structure for easier navigation

Added support for manual entry of starting scores

Added ability to enable/disable external judges interface. (This is a new setup option under “Hardware”)

Improvements to Event Session functionality

System 6 – Water Polo

Version 1.129 – 24 Feburary 2020

Adds support new WP-RS2R device, allowing dual push-buttons for shot clock and alternate shot clock reset

Version 1.127 – 22 February 2019

Adds support for new FINA Shot Clock rules

Version 1.126 – 20 November 2013

Fixed issue with LED-R intensity changing at improper times

Added support for Partial Timeouts

Added new option to suppress scoreboard display of fractions of a second when the clock is stopped.

Version 1.124 – 1 February 2012

Added button to show module definitions on scoreboard

Version 1.122 – 12 October 2010

Fixed issue with timeout clock counting irregularly

Version 1.120 – 15 April 2009

Compatibility updates for USB Enabled timers

Version 1.118 – 20 November 2008

Fixed minor issue with shot clock not displaying properly when game time was stopped if game time was less than shot clock reset value

A new game is now automatically started if the default setups are loaded

Version 1.112 – 7 October 2008

Minor issues with shot clock shifting (flickering) have been corrected.

Added support of USB printer (requires hardware upgrade)

A bug in the previous release prevented the “Shot Clock Off” button from functioning properly. This has been corrected.

Version 1.110 – 18 August 2008

Improved game clock and shot clock coordination

(in some cases, the game clock and shot clock could become unsynchronized. This has been corrected.

Game Setups menu hierarchy has been redone to make settings easier to find and change

Overhauled display options for time and stats

rounding and shifting options have been replaced by LED vs. light reflective options

when set to LED, times will display running 1/10s on main game and shot clock

stopped times will always display with 1/100s

Maximum number of timeouts can now be set

Timeouts can either be displayed as number used or number remaining

Version 1.108 – 4 April 2007

Player cap numbers are now editable

Improvements to scoreboard data display

The positions of blue and white teams can now be swapped

Game log files are now kept. These can be viewed, printed or saved to a floppy disk

External Shot Clock Reset button now triggers reset when the button is depressed and starts counting when the button is released

Fixed issue with Time of Day

Shot Clock time is now limited to 59 seconds

Game horn and shot horn times can now be set independently

Improvements to accessing the floppy disk drive

Shot Clock time can now be edited with 1/100 second precision

Scoreboard intensity for LED Numeric scoreboards can now be adjusted

Improvements to scoreboard module redefinition screen.

0F module shows properly rounded game time

Improvements to top scorer and top foul cycling

Added modules to show goals and fouls for players 14-22

The key on the lower keyboard immediately to the right of the “Edit Shot Clock” key will now undo the last shotclock reset. This can be used in the case of the operator accidentally resetting the shotclock.

System 6 – PaceClock

Version 1.208 – 12 October 2010

Fixed issue with progressive sets not saving properly

Version 1.206 – 15 April 2009

Compatibility updates for USB Enabled timers

Version 1.204 – 30 October 2008

Added support of USB printer (requires hardware upgrade)

Version 1.202 – 21 Sept 2007

v1.202 – Minor fix that prevented PaceClock from loading under certain circumstances

Version 1.200 – 20 Sept 2007

Numerous enhancements to improve usability

Numerous enhancements to improve stability

Numerous enhancements to improve performance of scoreboard display

If a lane is restarted after stopping, the running time for that lane is reset to 0. This allows coaches to stop the clock, correct a swimmer and restart that interval

Setup screen has been made to look and operate like other sports

Scoreboard can now be blanked (still showing time of day) and totally blanked

Scoreboard redefinition window has been simplified

Workouts can now be modified while the workout is running. This allows sets to be added or changed after practice has begun

Lane boxes at the bottom of the main screen now indicate the running status of the lane (green = running, red = stopped)

Lane boxes at the bottom of the main screen now indicate the scoreboard status of the lane (whether or not the line is blanked)

A column indicating the time remaining in each lane’s workout has been added to the main screen

Upload/Download interface fully functional (for use with HyTek Workout Manager and other similar products)

Current workout is saved when exiting, and automatically reloaded.

Current workout can be cleared with a softkey press

Time of Day on scoreboard can now optionally show running seconds

Time of Day on scoreboard can now be shifted to the left by two digits. This allows the minutes and seconds to be shown on LED Pace Clocks (PC-Standard, PC-Portable and PC-Pro)

Time of Day on scoreboard can now be toggled between 12hr and 24hr format

Lanes do not automatically reset to set #1 when the workout is concluded. This allows an additional set to be entered at the end and immediately started.

Gaps in the workout (sets with repeat counts of zero) now indicate a pause in the workout. The clock will stop and advance to the next set in the workout. This allows indefinite periods of rest to be programmed.

System 6 – Synchro

Version 1.106 – 15 April 2009

Compatibility updates for USB Enabled timers

Version 1.104 – 29 Jan 2009

Version 1.104 – 29 Jan 2009

System 6 – Sport Loader

Version 1.124 – 3 January 2011

Improved acquisition of dynamic network information.

Version 1.122 – 12 October 2010

Added support for external VGA on newest hardware revision of Sys6

Version 1.120 – 15 April 2009

Compatibility updates for USB Enabled timers

Improved boot speed for systems not on an ethernet connection

Minor enhancements to manual and automatic update system

Version 1.118 – 9 March 2009

Fixed some minor issues with Printer Setup screens

Version 1.116 – 30 October 2008

Added menu structure for management of USB printers (requires hardware upgrade)

Added support for System updates via USB (requires hardware upgrade)

Allow background images other than 640×480 (requires hardware upgrade)

Improved network settings interface

Improved reliabilty of SportLoader updates (reduces likelihood of “white-screen” failures)

Version 1.114 – 17 Jan 2008

Disk Management screen now allows for setup files and sport programs to be deleted

Diagnostic temperatures are now displayed in Fahrenheit and Celsius

Improvements to performance for loading sports

A warning message is now displayed if the System6 is running on Battery power

The MAC address of the network card is now displayed on the Network Information screen. This can be used for networks that have MAC address restrictions.

Changes are made to the Operating System setup files to allow USB keyboard and mouse support

Version 1.110 – 26 September 2006

Minor performance improvements

Version 1.108 – 22 August 2006

Added scoreboard test to diagnostics menu

Improved reliability of loading updates from floppy disks