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(2) 8mm SMD (352 x 576) Full Color Indoor LED Video Displays - 2.8m x 4.6m (9.2 ft x 15.1 ft)

The Koury Natatorium is the home of the North Carolina swimming and diving programs. This Natatorium opened in 1986 and has undergone a significant series of improvements with the intent of keeping it a functional and modern aquatic facility. 
Updated in 2022 with 2 Colorado Time Systems 8mm Full Color Indoor LED Video Displays the natatorium has been given new life with perfect clarity and display brilliance for spectators and competitors alike.
Koury Natatorium also features our Gen7 Legacy with Diving capabilities. Colorado Time Systems Gen7 Diving software and hardware are designed to allow you to run flawless, lightning-fast meets. The diving software supports individual and synchronized scoring and is operable with either Gen7 diving judging terminals or manual input of flash card scores.

 The Colorado Time Systems scoreboard is an invaluable part of our college dual meets and club meets for both swimming and diving.  We also use the scoreboard during practice and water polo tournaments.  We have connected it to a satellite dish to use it as a big television for our college basketball games as students wait to get tickets. 

University of North Carolina

University of North Carolina

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