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Colorado Time Systems Gen7 Diving software and hardware are designed to allow you to run flawless, lightning fast meets.  While in use at high-level meets such as USA Diving Winter Nationals, UANA Puerto Rico Grand Prix, USA Diving Synchronized National Championships, Big 10 Championships, NCAA Championships, and more; people are saying, “The amount of data on the dive and diver makes it so easy to use,” and “Changes in dives or scoring issues are so easy to handle, which keeps the event much closer to the time lines.”

Gen 7 Diving allows pre-meet and “on the fly” data entry and storage, meet management software information upload and download from a PC.  Gen7 Diving is fully compatible with DiveMeets®, ieDive, OmadaTrak, and other diving meet management programs.

The diving software supports individual and synchronized scoring, and is operable with either Gen7 diving judging terminals or manual input of flash card scores.  Software features a modern, intuitive interface and work flow, and is optimized for touch screens.  Gen7 diving software supports World Aquatic (including mixed synchro), USA Diving, NCAA, and High School (including CIF 1m/3m Springboard) rules.

Gen7 diving judging terminals allow your judges to focus on the dive and provide their scoring data with minimal effort.  Each diving judging terminal features a sealed keyboard with a backlit LCD display suitable for indoor and outdoor sunlight readability.

The rugged locking communications cable that connects each judging terminal to the diving interface box provides peace of mind that no connections will inadvertently come loose during the meet.

Judging terminals display:

  • Diver’s name
  • Diver’s team or country name
  • Other judges’ scores, once finalized
  • Dive
  • Dive D.D.
  • Specific terminal number

Judging terminals include a “request change” button to notify the operator if they need to request permission to correct their submitted score.

Both World Aquatics and USA Diving request that elite-level events utilize a wired diving judging system.

Read about USA Diving using GEN7 Diving Equipment in our Event Blog; The 2023 USA Diving National Championships to use GEN7 Diving at the Mylan Park Aquatic Center


Gen7 Diving Packages

Part Number # of Judges Synchronized Events Simultaneous Events
JSYS-3 3 N N
JSYS-5 5 N N
JSYS-7 7 N N
JSYS-11 11 Y N
JSYS-15 15 Y Y


Support for Gen7 Diving Equipment
Name Download
Gen7 Diving F1022 Download
GEN7 Diving - Running a Meet
Gen7 Diving - Meet and Event Creation
Gen7 Diving Hardware Overview
Gen7 Diving Software Overview
Software downloads
Gen7 Diving v1.2.2 - 22 August 2023
This version of Gen7 Diving includes a mandatory firmware update for all Judges' Terminals (JT-01) and Interface Hubs (IH-01)
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